At Wolf, we strive to consistently deliver accountable results with total integrity and transparency. Our role is to deliver a premium price for your property. We want our service to be the best experience for you and your family, to justify a lifelong relationship with you.

The best price happens in the first 30 days on the market. We put all our effort into achieving the best outcome.

Wolf's three key focuses in property sales:

1. We respond to every enquiry on your property whether the enquiry is by email or phone.

2. We engage with all enquiries and prospective purchasers.

3. We strive to make sure we have a competitive and excellent result.



Landlord Services

Wolf offers comprehensive Property Management for your investment property

We cover all aspects to ensure you maximise your return on your property.

We carefully screen the tenants who have applied for your rental property. This includes multiple reference checks, checking income and supporting documents to ensure we present you with the best choice for your property and you. Once a tenant has been properly investigated, we will present the information for you to choose and assess.

Wolf will complete a comprehensive condition report before the tenant enters into the tenancy. One of the most important documents is the condition report, both ingoing and outgoing reports are important for any dispute that may occur. We also take multiple photos as evidence for future reference.

Once the tenant has been in place for 4 to 6 weeks we perform our initial inspection. We make sure everything is up to standard and going smoothly. Then routine inspections are scheduled for every 3 to 4 months.

Wolf has strict rules for rent arrears. From experience, we find that if a tenant falls behind it is very difficult for them to catch up. Our moto is “RENT COMES FIRST” when paying bills etc.

We do regular rent reviews to ensure you are receiving fair market rent for your property. Wolf will also advise if there is maintenance or updates needed to gain maximum rent and keep your investment in good repair.